What Would Your Broker Do?

Q: I have no insurance and I just had an emergency hospitalization that will require ongoing treatment and surgery.   We’re looking at $100,000 estimated treatment.  I missed the open enrollment deadline to enroll myself.  I do have a small company but have never offered benefits.  It is now May 3.  What are my options.

  1. Apply to Medi-cal now for a one time award for your upcoming claim.
  2. Plan to pay for the services that have already been rendered but put off the rest until you can get insured.
  3. Find a domestic partner or spouse and get on their plan; make sure there are no pre-existing limitations associated with their plan.
  4. Chalk it up to a bad experience, take care of yourself and plan on paying for a long time.  Negotiate with providers for reduced rates.
  5. None of the above.

A: None of the above.  This has happened more than once with our clients where we were able to get coverage retroactive.  Because the incident is early in the month, we asked the carrier to reserve a May 1 effective date, hustled all the materials, applications, waivers and checks and got a plan back to that date.  All claims were paid.